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Rijksstraatweg 5

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Nanda – practice assistant

My name is Nanda.

As a child I grew up with my rabbit, guinea pigs and later a horse from my parents. Those moments in the stable and the beautiful outdoor rides in the Twiske with my horse Champion were unforgettable for me. My career started at Christenhuis Veterinary Clinic in Amsterdam North. I remember sitting there in the waiting room with my dog and hearing that they were looking for a veterinary assistant. My eyes lit up. That same day I wrote an application letter and a week later I was invited for an interview. They immediately hired me and I enjoyed working there for 29 years and learned a lot from Veterinarian Christenhuis himself.

Every day I help with the care of animals after operations, I care for sick animals that come in for admission and I replenish everything a vet needs. I also offer support from giving injections to caring for wounds and cutting nails.

Without a doubt, the most challenging part of my work is calming an angry cat, but with the peace and tranquility I radiate, I usually succeed.

I can’t actually choose the best thing about my job, there are so many things! My work feels like a hobby and my love for animals is great. But the most satisfying moment is when we receive a seriously ill animal and as a team we manage to get it back on its four legs.

There are those special moments with patients or clients that will always stay with you. We recently had to put an old dog to sleep. The owner could hardly care for herself due to illness, but gave everything for her dog. That touched me deeply.

For me, collaboration with my team is crucial. Trust, support and a listening ear are at the core of our work. Within our team, everyone has their own task and it runs like a well-oiled machine. As a practice nurse, I ensure that everything runs smoothly, but together we ensure that every patient receives the best possible care.

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