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Larisa- Paraveterinair

My name is Larisa ,

I’ve always loved animals.

Ever since I can remember, during my life in Russia I have always been busy feeding dogs and cats on the street and providing them with the necessary care. People also always knew where to find me if they had pets, especially old ladies if they needed help with the care of their animals. Unfortunately, in Russia the animals are often seen as objects of use.

My first pets were two chicks that I found on the street as a child. They have grown into a huge rooster and hen. I really had trained the rooster just like a dog. After that I kept a cat and rabbits.

But my first real animal love came into my life when I was ten years old: A puppy that I found on the streets of Moscow, this love unfortunately only lasted much too short. After three long months of treatment, it turned out that she could not be saved, she died from the effects of distemper.

From the age of thirteen I was working (paid work) as an animal caretaker and I gave guest lessons at schools to children about animals, diseases and care.

Eventually I had a small-scale dog boarding house with behavioral therapy and I worked as a horse trainer. I was also an extra in the training for watchdogs: I was then ready in a suit and the dogs had to bite me on purpose.

Years later my first ‘sausage dog’ Klukva came, she helped raise all my other animals and children. Really a super nice beast!

I found my best internship at the dairy farm in 2012, at five o’clock I was already milking cows and at times even crazier times I was delivering cows when calves had to be born. This is also the year in which I graduated as a Paraveterinary veterinary assistant.

The best thing about our work? It’s so much, but what I like most is seeing when fierce, almost hopeless patients miraculously recover and go back home. The emotions of the animal, the owner and our team… priceless!